Shamrock Jewelry

Shamrock Jewelry

The shamrock is Ireland's most celebrated emblem and in honor, The Irish Gift House offers a grand selection of shamrock jewelry that includes necklaces and earrings.
Select from our diverse assortment of shamrock jewelry that includes rings and bracelets along with beads, charms and brooches. Our Irish jewelers have crafted this collection of shamrock jewelry out of precious metals that include sterling silver and gold. The Irish Gift House also offer the shamrock jewelry to you in stainless steel and in several plated styles.

The shamrock is Ireland's most renowned icon so it is easy to understand why it is so popular as Irish jewelry. The shamrock's association to Ireland dates to the 5th century when, legend suggests, St. Patrick used it to demonstrate the meaning of the Blessed Trinity while converting the people of Ireland to Christianity.

The plant itself was reputed to have mystical powers - the leaves standing upright to warn of an approaching storm. Whatever the truth of these legends, the shamrock is cherished by Irish people everywhere and is worn by all nationalities around the world on St. Patrick's Day, one of the great international festivals.