Guinness T-Shirts

Guinness T-Shirts

Generally speaking, your typical Guinness t-shirt is black, the same color as Ireland's most famous stout but we also feature green Guinness t-shirts.
In addition to the black Guinness t-shirts, The Irish Gift House also features some of Gilroy's famous designs along with long sleeve Guinness t-shirts.

Guinness T-shirt: Gaelic in Green

This Irish t-shirt features a distressed print Guinness label in the Gaelic language. The green Guinness t-shirt is one of our most popular designs.

Guinness T-shirt, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Don't be afraid of the dark is the message on the back of this black Guinness t-shirt.

Guinness Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Gaelic Label

This long sleeve Irish t-shirt features the Guinness label in the Gaelic language.

Green Guinness T-Shirt

This green Guinness t-shirt features Ireland's coat of arms on the back of this double sided design from The Irish Gift House.

Guinness for Strength T-Shirt

This black Guinness t-shirt is a vintage Gilroy design from the Guinness for Strength ad campaign that ran in the 1930's.

Guinness Gaelic T-shirt

This Irish t-shirt features a distressed print Guinness label in the Gaelic language. The black Guinness t-shirt is one of our most popular designs.

Guinness T-Shirt with Toucan

Fortune Favors the Bold is the message on this Guinness t-shirt that also includes the famous toucan.

Guinness T-Shirt with St. James Gate

This distressed vertical print on this Guinness T-shirt says St. James' Gate which is the home of Guinness in Dublin Ireland.

Guinness T-Shirt, Extra Stout

This black Irish t-shirt features the Guinness extra stout label.
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Woman's Guinness T-Shirt

This Guinness t-shirt is for a woman and it features a Guinness and shamrock design.

One of the most popular gifts at The Irish Gift House is our assortment of Irish t-shirts; the collection includes amusing designs along with those with Celtic knots and the Guinness branding. 

When the temperature dips and you want to stay warm, then it is time to take a look at our collection of Irish sweatshirts that includes several hoodies. This assortment includes pull over and zippered styles and includes embroidered Celtic designs.

You may also wish to take a look at our Guinness rugby shirts and our Irish rugby shirts; these are traditional clothing designs that are suitable for a match or just for casual wear. These categories also include hockey jerseys along with bicycle and soccer shirts.

Additional clothing ideas include the many accessories that feature shamrock ties that will compliment the Irish socks and scarves very well.  Naturally you may also wish to look at the selections of head wear that consists of baseball style Irish caps and traditional woolen Irish flat caps.

And nothing beats our selection of Irish polo shirts; they are great for a round of golf or casual Friday at the office.