Guinness T-Shirts

Guinness T-Shirts

Guinness t-shirts are most popular in black, the same dark color as Ireland's most famous stout, but we also feature green Guinness shirts.

In addition to the black Guinness t-shirts, The Irish Gift House, also features some of Gilroy's famous designs. Additionally we also stock the popular long sleeve Guinness t-shirt.

Premium T-Shirt

Guinness T-shirt - Vintage

Guinness t-shirt features a vintage design with the John Gilroy created toucan in flight that is enhanced with a pint of the dark stuff on its bill.
Limited Sizes

Guinness T-shirt - Gaelic - Green

Guinness t-shirt features brushed green cotton that is enhanced with a distressed label that is printed in the Gaelic language.
Size Medium Only.

Guinness T-Shirt - Long Sleeve

Guinness long sleeve t-shirt features a black shirt with the iconic label printed in the Gaelic language.

Large & 3XL Only.

Guinness T-Shirt - Green

Guinness t-shirt features a double-sided green cotton shirt with the Guinness trademark on the front and Ireland's coat of arms on the back.
NO size XL.

Guinness T-Shirt - Strength

Guinness t-shirt features black cotton that is enhanced with a vintage Gilroy design from the Guinness for Strength ad campaign that ran in the 1930's.
No size XL.

Guinness T-shirt - Gaelic

Guinness t-shirt features black cotton that highlights a distressed white print label that is enhanced with the Gaelic language.
Limited Sizes

Guinness T-Shirt - Toucan

Guinness t-shirt features black cotton that is enhanced with the message of Fortune Favors the Bold along with the famous toucan.

Guinness T-Shirt - Extra Stout

Guinness t-shirt is a black design that features the oval extra stout label that is enhanced with a gold harp logo.
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Junior Size

Guinness T-Shirt - Womans - Junior Size

Guinness t-shirt is a forest green design for junior size ladies; it is enhanced with a branded motif that includes a shamrock.
Retired - sold out.

Guinness T-shirt - Dark

Guinness t-shirt is a black cotton design that features the Don’t be afraid of the dark motif on the back along with the Guinness logo on the left chest.