Guinness Bar Signs

Guinness Bar Signs

Guinness bar signs and Guinness wall art include designs made of wood or metal and also features mirrors and neon signs.
The collection of Guinness bar signs at The Irish Gift House is suitable for decorating any room from your pub to the man cave and will also work well in the garage.

Guinness Bar Sign: Wooden - Harp

This wooden Guinness bar sign is enhanced with a carved harp.
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Guinness Bar Sign, There's Nothing Like a Guinness

There's Nothing Like a Guinness is the saying on this wooden Guinness pub sign.
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Guinness Bar Sign, Wooden

This wooden Guinness pub sign has the Guinness Extra Stout label design.
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Guinness Neon Bar Sign

This Guinness neon sign is pint shaped and would be great accent lighting for either the home or bar.
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Guinness Bar Sign, Metal Pint Shape

This Guinness bar sign is a pint shaped design that is made of metal.
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Metal Guinness Bar Sign, There's Nothing Like a Guinness

This Guinness bar sign has a smiling pint and says There's Nothing Like a Guinness.
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Guinness Bar Sign: Metal - How to Pour the Perfect Pint

This metal Guinness pub sign offers step by step instructions on How to Pour the Perfect Pint.
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Guinness Drinkers Only Parking Sign

Parking for Guinness Drinkers Only is the message on this Irish sign that is perfect for your garage or bar.
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Guinness Bar Mirror with Harp Logo

This mirror is set in a handsome wooden frame that is decorated with the Guinness logo.
You may wish to browse our Irish pub signs for additional decorations for your home bar, but don't miss our huge selection of Irish blessing plaques that offer many more ideas to compliment any Guinness bar sign.

Accessorize your bar with the assortment of Guinness merchandise that is readily available from The Irish Gift House; you will find an eclectic collection of gifts that ranges from Guinness alarm clocks to Guinness pouring spoons. You may also wish to peruse our selections of Guinness glasses and the assortment of Irish beer glasses; they are an entertaining way to lift a pint of the black stuff.

We also have a nice display of Irish whiskey glasses and Celtic goblets, so no matter what you are drinking we have the proper vessel for you to imbibe the spirit of your choice.

For a personalized touch, please take a look at our assortment of Irish coat of arms barware that includes Irish wine glasses; you will be equally proud to extend a set as a gift or keep them for yourself.