Irish Coat of Arms

Irish Coat of Arms Gifts

Irish Coat of Arms gifts range from clothing to gift ware along with glasses and barware. An Irish coat of arms is an exclusive heraldic design for a particular Irish family and was positioned on the knight's shield.

An Irish coat of arms should not be confused with an Irish crest as the crest is only a small part of what the heralds refer to as the achievement.

Heraldry and Irish coat of arms evolved in the 12th century, coinciding with the development of armor, around the time of the Crusades. A knight clad in armor, was almost unrecognizable on the battlefield, hence the need for a new method of recognition. This resulted in distinctive insignia, the family coat of arms, being painted on the shield and embodied on the surcoat. A son would inherit his father’s coat of arms and carry them into battle with pride. After the battle, the knight would return to his castle and hang his shield on the wall.

Which Irish coat of arms is correct?
A very few Irish names have one or more coats of arms. Unless specified at time of ordering, our vendors and artists will use the oldest Irish coat of arms of record that would be most representative of all the family.

Please be certain about accuracy (spelling, size, design, etc.) when ordering personalized product. Once we have placed your Irish coat of arms gift order with our respective suppliers, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.