Galway Crystal Claddagh Glasses

Galway Crystal Claddagh Glasses

Claddagh glasses from Galway Crystal features the popular Claddagh flutes along with crystal wine glasses and whiskey glasses.

The Galway Crystal Claddagh flutes are the perfect wedding toasting glasses for your Irish wedding.

Crystal Goblets: Claddagh - Galway Crystal

These Irish crystal goblets from Galway Crystal are enhanced with the Claddagh symbol.
Galway 29312/2a
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Crystal Wine Glasses: Claddagh - Galway Crystal

These Irish crystal wine glasses from Galway Crystal are enhanced with the Claddagh.
Galway 29311A
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Claddagh Champagne Flutes - Galway Crystal

Irish crystal champagne flutes features the Claddagh.
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Galway Irish Crystal Claddagh Brandy Glasses

Galway Irish Crystal Claddagh Brandy Glasses, Pair
Galway 29313
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Irish Whiskey Glasses - Claddagh - Galway Crystal

Galway Crystal glasses feature an etched Claddagh: they are ideal for whiskey highballs.

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Claddagh Whiskey Glasses - Galway Crystal

Irish whiskey glasses with the Claddagh emblem are from Galway Crystal and are often called double old fashion glasses.
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Crystal Claddagh Tankard from Galway Crystal

This Irish crystal tankard features the Claddagh.
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