Irish Blessing Gifts
Irish Blessing Gifts

Irish Blessing Gifts

Irish blessing gifts are a collection of toasts or sayings that are offered on plaques and plates along with blankets, clovers and more.
Irish blessing plaques are the most popular of our Irish blessing selections. We offer them in many shapes and sizes, and they are available in a variety finishes, including the very popular bronze plated.The Irish Gift House is also proud to offer a plethora of similar gifts that you will find among our Irish blessing plates along with the Irish blessing blankets. In fact, we have 15 categories in our Irish blessing gifts section, we hope that you enjoy browsing them all.
It’s just your luck that the magnificent inhabitants of the Emerald Isle have an Irish blessing for every occasion along with a saying, toast or curse for every person. We don’t know if these blessings are authored by saints and scholars or if they are simply created by the common folk while lifting a pint at their local. Whatever the case may be, many of these blessings are as old as the hills and continue to pass the test of time.

In fact, we are willing to bet that you know several of these Irish blessing by heart and could repeat them on demand, especially after you have lifted a pint or two.

For over 2,000 years, story telling along with oral presentation of poems and lyrics, have been repeated from memory as an important link in Irish heritage. Those who mastered verbal communication have long been held in high regard within Celtic culture. In ancient Ireland, it was the bards who had the responsibility of maintaining an oral record, thus these early historians ensured that tradition would continue from generation to generation.

The bards were held in such high esteem that they were typically inferior to only kings. The bards eventually transitioned to become master story tellers, who are known as seanchaí in the Irish language. These guardians of the voiced word now compete with modern distractions, such as television; however, the Irish embrace an exceptional appreciation for the spoken narrative and will hang on to every word. We need to thank the bards and the seanchaí for maintaining the history and poetry along with the stories and the blessings.

In addition to our Irish blessing plaques we feature the popular Irish blessing shamrocks and four leaf clovers; sometimes we have a hard time keeping them in stock! Keep in mind the Irish blessing blankets as a gift; they are both useful and decorative.

We also maintain a selection of Irish wedding blessings along with a section of Irish kitchen blessings.

The Irish Gift House also offers the text for over 100 Irish blessings. You may copy and use this content at your convenience. You may find it to be helpful when crafting your next speech.