Claddagh Whiskey Glasses - Highball - Pewter

Boxed Pair!
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Irish whiskey glasses feature pewter Claddagh emblems that include an embossed Sláinte motif. These Claddagh glasses are ideal for mixed drinks or for whiskey highballs.

These Irish whiskey glasses feature the word sláinte which is cheers or to your health in the Gaelic language.

These Claddagh whiskey glasses feature embossed pewter emblems that are enhanced with Celtic knot-work along with tiny shamrock and the Gaelic word sláinte. The 16 ounce Irish whiskey glasses are perfect for highballs or mixed drinks and they are dishwasher safe.The pair of Irish highball glasses are made in the United States and they are gift boxed with Claddagh, shamrock and Celtic knot history cards, complements of The Irish Gift House.