Connemara Marble Rosaries

Connemara Marble Rosaries

Our large variety of Connemara marble rosaries include both square and round Connemara marble beads. The Irish Gift House also has pocket rosaries and rosary bracelets with the Connemara marble beads.
One of the most popular Connemara marble rosaries at The Irish Gift House the single decade penal rosary that is called An Paidrin Beag, the little rosary in the Irish languageAn Paidrin Beag is of historical significance as it came into use when the Catholic faith was outlawed by the English government in the 17th century.

Connemara Marble Rosary

Connemara marble rosary features a Celtic cross along with square beads.
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Connemara Marble Rosary - Beads

Connemara marble rosary is enhanced with a Celtic cross along with a knot-work center piece.
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Connemara Marble Rosary - Bracelet

Irish rosary is a bracelet that features Connemara marble beads.
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Connemara Marble Rosary - An Paidrin Beag

An Paidrin Beag is Irish for the little rosary and this single decade rosary features Connemara marble beads.
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Connemara Marble Rosary - Penal

Irish rosary with Connemara marble beads is a single decade design known as a penal rosary or as An Paidrin Beag.
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Connemara Marble Rosary - Square Beads

Irish rosary features Connemara marble beads along with a metal Crucifix.
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You could easily say that the finest of our Irish rosaries are these with the Connemara marble beads; after all they are made in Ireland which is also the source of the beads. That being said balance are not exactly slackers as we have a Kilkenny marble rosary that features the black Irish marble. We have the balance of our assortments gathered under the heading Irish rosary beads; you will find selections made of silver, pewter and with epoxy shamrock beads.

In addition to our Connemara jewelry, The Irish Gift House also has several Irish gifts that are made from Ireland's gem stone including a standing Celtic cross, but two of the most popular items are the Connemara marble worry stones and also the wishing stones.

Our Connemara marble rosaries are made in Ireland by J.C Walsh and Sons or by All That Glisters.