Irish Bottle Openers

Irish Bottle Openers

Irish bottle openers include hand-held and wall mounted styles and feature designs with the Claddagh and Celtic knots along with Guinness branding and even a leprechaun.

Some of our hand-held Irish bottle openers feature a magnetic backing that allows for suitable display on your fridge. Our Irish bottle openers are made of brass or sturdy steel so they should easily pop even the most stubborn cap. z

Several of the bottle openers, at The Irish Gift House, feature Celtic knots and one even has a leprechaun but possibly our most impressive design is the Guinness cap catcher that will complement any of our wall mounted Irish bottle openers.

Irish Bottle Opener - Claddagh - Wall Mounted - Brass

Irish bottle opener features the Claddagh along with the word Sláinte. The brass wall mounted Irish bottle opener is ideal for the kitchen or bar.
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Irish Bottle Opener - Claddagh

Hand held Irish bottle opener features both the Claddagh and Celtic knot-work.
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Irish Bottle Opener - Leprechaun

Irish bottle opener features a metal leprechaun with a shamrock on his top hat.
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Guinness Bottle Opener - Wall Mount

Guinness wall mounted bottle opener features silver tone metal construction that is enhanced with raised black lettering.
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Guinness Bottle Opener - Wall Mount - Shamrock

Guinness bottle opener is a wall mounted design that features a green shamrock on silver tone metal.
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Guinness Cap Catcher

Guinness bottle cap catcher is made of stainless steel and works great with any wall mounted opener.
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Irish Bottle Opener - Pog Mo Thoin

Irish bottle opener is a solid brass design that features the words Póg Mo Thóin in Gaelic.
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Guinness Bottle Opener - Toucan - Magnetic

Guinness bottle opener is a magnetic design that features the famous toucan with a pint on his bill.
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Guinness Bottle Opener - Magnetic

Irish bottle opener is in the shape of a Guinness bottle.
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Add to the enjoyment of the bottle openers by accessorizing with our Celtic coasters or maybe several Irish fridge magnets. You may even wish to include an Irish salt and pepper set or an Irish wine cork for additional entertainment value. If you are feeling a bit zany, use one of our Irish wine bottle covers. They are loads of fun and your guests are sure to get a laugh.