Póg Mo Thóin Irish Gifts is a collection of items that feature the Gaelic witticism instructing you to Kiss My Arse, often combined with a whimsical leprechaun with an exposed derrière.

Póg Mo Thóin gifts is a collection of spicy designs that feature the traditional Irish curse, kiss my arse in the Gaelic language. Select from metal póg mo thóin plates that are ideal for a door or wall or from amusing items that range from ball caps and key rings to mugs and a magnet.

The Irish Gift House also features póg mo thóin t-shirts, that are our exclusive designs.

7 1/2" wide.

Pog Mo Thoin Plaque - Brass - Door Plate

Póg Mo Thóin wall plaque features solid brass construction with embossed lettering; it would make a great Irish pub sign or door plate.
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7 1/2" wide.

Póg Mo Thóin Door Plaque

Póg Mo Thóin wall plate features aluminum constructions that is enhanced with green and black accenting along with embossed lettering.
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Irish Shot Glass - POG MO THOIN

PÓG MO THÓIN Irish shot glass features a suggestive leprechaun that is etched on a two ounce glass whiskey measure.
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Irish Coffee Mug - Pog Mo Thoin

Póg Mo Thóin coffee mug features a whimsical leprechaun along with shamrocks and a pot of gold. The Irish mug is a ceramic design that holds 14 ounces of coffee.
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Double-sided. Limited Stock.

Pog Mo Thoin Mug

Irish coffee mug features the Gaelic phrase Póg Mo Thóin along with a whimsical leprechaun. The Póg Mo Thóin coffee mug is a ceramic design that holds eight ounces of your favorite hot beverage.
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Irish Magnet - Pog Mo Thoin

Irish fridge magnet features a humorous saying in Gaelic that is enhanced with a leprechaun; it would be ideal on the refrigerator in your kitchen.
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Irish Bottle Opener - Pog Mo Thoin

Irish bottle opener is a hand held design that features solid brass design that showcases the Gaelic phrase Póg Mo Thóin on one side and the English translation, Kiss My Ass, on the reverse.
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built-in bottle opener

Irish Cap - Pog Mo Thoin

Póg Mo Thóin Irish cap features a built-in bottle opener on the brim and it is enhanced with a leprechaun and shamrock.
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Exclusive design!

Long Sleeve Irish T-Shirt - Pog Mo Thoin

Irish t-shirt is a long sleeve design that features the Gaelic saying PÓG MO THÓIN along with an interwoven Celtic knot-work design on both the chest and the left sleeve.
No size XL

Irish T-Shirt - POG MO THOIN

PÓG MO THÓIN Irish t-shirt is a short sleeved black design that is enhanced with an interwoven Celtic knot motif in green along with green, white, and orange wording.

Irish Keychain - Pog Mo Thoin

Irish key ring features the Gaelic phrase Póg Mo Thóin along with a whimsical leprechaun that is enhanced with embossed detailing and enamel accenting.
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Limited Stock.

Irish Bumper Sticker - Póg Mo Thóin

Póg Mo Thóin Irish bumper sticker is a white decal that is enhanced with a green message.
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