Quaich Cup
Quaich Cup

Quaich Cup

Quaich cup is a two handled vessel that is an alternate idea for toasting at your Irish wedding. The interlaced eternal knot-work on the base and the handles is inspired by the Celtic belief of unending love.

Developed by the Scots, the Quaich, is traditionally used in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of friendship and unity. The accompanying eternal knot-work symbolizes the couple’s never-ending love.

Irish and Celtic wedding tradition indicates that the newly married bride and groom should take their first drink from the same cup.

Quaich is pronounced "quake."

Quaich Wedding Cup - Celtic - Mullingar Pewter

Quaich features a two handled Celtic design that is crafted in lead-free pewter and enhanced with embossed knot-work; it is ideal for a traditional wedding toast.
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