Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic wedding bands range from the Celtic warrior shield to Celtic knot bands and include the TrinityCeltic bands are crafted in various precious metals that include sterling silver and a variety of gold colors and caret weights along with platinum and palladium.

Celtic wedding bands are part of an extensive collection that is entirely handcrafted in Ireland. Many of out Celtic wedding rings are available with combinations of various precious metals that may include silver or gold along with platinum or palladium.   

The Irish Gift House is in the progress of adding many additional Celtic wedding rings to this section. Please check back often.

Please note that any size scale or color variations within the Celtic bands images are only inherent of the photos, not the actual product.


Celtic Wedding-Bands - Knot

Choose from a vast selection of Celtic knot-work wedding bands and know all are made in Ireland by respected jewelers that include Solvar and TJH. Select from engraved, embossed and filigree knots that are crafted in the precious metals of your choice.


Celtic Wedding-Bands - Trinity

Trinity knot wedding bands feature eternal knot-work that represents the number three, sacred to the ancient Celts. Additionally, in Christianity, this knot represents the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, as three beings as one.


Celtic Wedding Bands - Warrior Shield

Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Band borrows the motif that is found on the ancient Irish treasure, the Adair Chalice. These Celtic bands, with their intertwined carvings, symbolize the continuity of love.


Celtic Wedding Bands - Newgrange

Celtic Spiral Bands feature the entwined carvings that are inspired by the ancient Newgrange monument, which is regarded as Ireland’s signature mythical icon.


Celtic Wedding Bands - Love Knot

Celtic Love Knot Wedding Bands feature unending interlaced hearts that are embossed upon the ring. These Celtic bands are made by TJH Jewelry, Dublin, Ireland.


History of Ireland Bands

History of Ireland Rings are ideal as wedding bands or as fashionable jewelry. History of Ireland Jewelry is crafted in both sterling silver and gold by Solvar Jewelry in Ireland.


Claddagh Bands

Claddagh Wedding Bands include those with Celtic knot-work and many with the words, Friendship, Loyalty, Love. Additionally, The Irish Gift House, is happy to feature several Claddagh wedding rings that are set with stones. Our selections are cast in various precious metals that include sterling silver, platinum, and palladium, along with three gold caret weights that may be selected in two colors.

These Claddagh bands are crafted in Ireland by either Solvar Jewelry or TJH Ltd.

Celtic Wedding Bands are crafted by TJH or Solvar Jewelry, the two largest manufacturers of precious metal jewelry in Ireland.

The Irish Gift House is also proud to suggest that you also browse our collection of traditional Claddagh rings, as many refer to them as Irish wedding rings. You might also like to visit the Celtic rings page where you will find our knot-work designs with tapered shanks.

If you are looking for Irish wedding gifts and accessories, we have a grand selection that includes a Celtic wedding cake knife and server along with Claddagh wedding cake knife and server. These Irish made gifts are hand crafted by Mullingar Pewter in Ireland. You will also find our very popular selections of Irish wedding bells along with the substantial selection of Irish Champagne Flutes.