Belleek Figurines

Belleek Figurines

From the statuesque Blessed Virgin Mary to the various animals and Irish symbols these Belleek figurines are outstanding accomplishments in craftsmanship.
From its beginning in 1857 Belleek has been crafting figurines from their distinctive and unique fine parian china.  Over time many of the Belleek figurines have been commissioned by heads of state and various dignitaries.  Additionally, many Belleek figurines started their journey by the banks of the river Erne in Ireland and have traveled to world expositions where they have won multiple awards.

Belleek Candle Stick Holder: Dolphin - Irish China

The Belleek China dolphin candle stick holder is part of the archival collection celebrating 150 years of fine Irish artistry, from 1857 through 2007.
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Belleek Footed Bowl: Echinus - Irish

The Belleek China Echinus Footed Bowl is part of the Archive Collection: Celebrating 150 Years of Fine Irish Artistry, 1857 – 2007

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Belleek Bowl: Cardium on Shell - Irish

The cardium on shell bowl from Belleek is fine Irish china.

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Belleek Greyhound: Irish China

Irish Belleek China Figure of a Greyhound

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Belleek Harp

Irish Belleek Fine China Harp Figurine with Shamrocks

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Belleek Blessed Virgin Mary

Irish Belleek China Blessed Virgin Mary Statue

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Belleek Wedding Cake Topper

This Irish wedding cake topper is crafted in fine china and features a hand painted floral bouquet.
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Belleek Candle Holder: Thatched Cottage - Votive

This Belleek China votive candle holder is in the shape of an Irish thatched cottage.
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Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Beleek

This Irish piggy bank features hand painted green shamrocks and it is suitable as an Irish baby gift.
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Belleek Pig: Irish China

Irish Belleek China Pig Figurine 

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Belleek Candle Holder: Quiet Man Cottage

The Belleek Quiet Man Cottage candle holder features hidden shamrocks and is illuminated with a tea light.
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Belleek Basket:Shamrock - Handled

Irish Belleek China Shamrock Handled Basket.

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Belleek Cat: Quizzical - Irish China

Irish Belleek China Quizzical Cat Figurine

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Belleek Angel of Protection: Baby Gift

The Angel of Protection figurine from Belleek is holding a green shamrock.
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We are sure that you noticed that Belleek China is often best paired with additional pieces, even if they are not of the same pattern.  A Belleek lamp would complement this assortment of Irish figurines as both would enhance the decor of any home.  Maybe you would also wish to consider a Belleek pitcher frame with its hand painted green shamrocks or the Claddagh symbol to further enhance your figurine selection.
Some of the ultimate designs in Irish decor are the various Belleek vases that are ornamented with individually painted and applied flower petals or with the pottery's famous shamrocks; the same is true in reference to the renowned Belleek baskets with their multiple strands of intricately woven china.
From Belleek ornaments to Belleek dinnerware, every sculpture and figurine is hand made by the banks of the river Erne in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland by the Irish artisans who make their home in this beautiful region of the emerald isle.