Belleek Figurines

Belleek Figurines

Belleek figurines range from the statuesque Blessed Virgin Mary to various animals and Irish symbols. These Belleek China figurines are outstanding accomplishments in craftsmanship.

From its beginning in 1863 Belleek has been crafting figurines from their distinctive and unique fine Irish china. Over time many of the Belleek figurines have been commissioned by heads of state and various dignitaries.  Additionally, many Belleek figurines started their journey by the banks of the river Erne in Ireland and have traveled to world expositions where they have won multiple awards.

Belleek Urn - Celtic

Irish urn features a Belleek fine china motif that showcases interlaced Celtic knot-work, embossed on both the vessel and the lid.
Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Icepail - Prince of Wales

Belleek Prince of Wales Ice-Pail features fine china craftsmanship with trophy size proportions. The Belleek China ice-pail showcases an elaborate lid and base that are enhanced with great detail, including horses, mermaids, and cherubs. 

Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Figurine - Affection

Belleek sculpture showcases the Affection figurine that is crafted of fine china. The Belleek China Affection statue features bisque elements along with ornately embossed detailing. 

Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Figurine - Meditation

Belleek China statue features the Meditation figurine. The Belleek Meditation sculpture is crafted of fine china that is enhanced with bisque elements and embossed detailing.
Archive Collection

Belleek Candle Holder - Dolphin and Cherub

Belleek candle stick holder features a bisque porcelain cherub riding a dolphin; it is enhanced with both blue and gold accenting.
Archive Collection

Belleek Footed Bowl - Figurine - Echinus

Belleek China Echinus Bowl is a footed figurine that features extraordinary detail along with pink accenting and three bisque mermaids.

Archive Collection

Belleek Bowl - Cardium on Shell

China bowl from Belleek features a large footed shell that is supported by sculptured sea coral. The Belleek China bowl is enhanced with both pink and gold accenting.
Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Devenish Round Tower Centerpiece

Belleek centerpiece features the Devenish Round Tower figurine that includes a Celtic cross along with the monastery remains. The Belleek Devenish Round Tower is enhanced with ornate detailing along with embossed elements and hand painted green shamrocks.

Belleek Greyhound - Figurine

Belleek greyhound figurine is the male version of this Irish china sculpture that is enhanced with embossed detailing.

Retired - sold out.

Belleek Harp

Belleek harp figurine features hand painted green shamrocks along ornately embossed detailing that includes filigree strings.

12" Tall.

Belleek Blessed Virgin Mary - Statue

Belleek sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary is made of fine Irish china that is enhanced with bisque elements, including the hands and face. Due to the weight and size, this Belleek figurine may ship separately and by ground freight. Typical delivery is 5 - 7 days.
11" Tall. Limited Stock

Belleek Lamp - Lighthouse

Belleek lighthouse lamp features a fine china luminary that is enhanced with embossed elements along with pierced details.
Due to the weight and size, this Belleek lamp may ship separately and by ground freight. Typical delivery is 5 - 7 days.
10" Wide.

Belleek Cottage Lamp - Luminare

Belleek China Irish lamp features an illuminated thatched roof cottage that is enhanced with pierced windows and doors along with embossed detailing and hand painted green shamrock.

Belleek Honey Pot - Apple Blossom

Belleek honey pot and dish features hand painted honey bees and pink apple blossoms along with embossed branches that form the lid handle.
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12" Tall!

Belleek Luminaire - Devenish Round Tower

Belleek luminaire features the Devenish Round Tower and monastery remains. The illuminated Belleek Devenish Tower is enhanced with ornate detailing that includes embossed shamrocks and rockwork.
11" Tall.

Belleek Lady of Knock - Statue

Belleek sculpture of Our Lady of Knock is made of fine Irish china. The Belleek China Lady of Knock figurine is enhanced with gold trim accenting.

Belleek Candle Holder - Church

Belleek Irish church is a cross shaped votive candle holder that features a steeple vent and pierced windows along with hand painted accenting that includes a green shamrock and a gold cross.

Belleek Castle Light - Monea

Belleek China castle is an illuminated sculpture that is enhanced with a hand painted green shamrock along with embossed details and a sculpted parapet roof line.

Belleek Pig

Belleek figurine is a fine china Irish pig that is enhanced with pink accenting along with embossed elements, including on the face and feet.

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Belleek Candle Holder - Quiet Man Cottage

Belleek Quiet Man Cottage candle holder features hidden shamrocks and embossed elements along with illumination that is provided with a tea light candle.
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7 3/4" Tall. Limited Stock.

Belleek Castle Light

Belleek castle is a fine china design that is illuminated by LED light and features pierced window openings along with embossed elements and hand painted shamrocks.
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Belleek Cat - Figurine

Belleek cat figurine is made of fine china that is enhanced with hand painted green shamrocks along with embossed details.
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Belleek Angel - Protection

Belleek Angel of Protection figurine is holding a green shamrock and is enhanced with embossed details; she would make an ideal Irish baby gift.
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Belleek Sheep Figurine

Belleek China Sheep Figurine features an ewe protecting her lamb. The Belleek sheep sculpture is crafted from fine china and is enhanced with bisque faces along with embossed detailing.

Retired - sold out.

Belleek Cottage Light

Belleek Blarney Cottage light is a fine china design that is illuminated by a LED tea candle and is accented with pierced window openings along with hand painted green shamrocks and embossed detailing.