Guinness Tankards

Guinness Tankards

Guinness tankards are ideal, from the first frosty sip to the last.
The Irish Gift House offers several options in our range of Guinness tankards that includes both 16 ounce pints and 20 ounce Irish pints.  Select from either glass or ceramic Guinness mugs and note that some feature pewter emblems.

Guinness Tankard - Glass

Guinness Extra Stout label is features on this hobnail style glass beer mug.
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Guinness Tankard - Pewter

Guinness mug is a glass design that features a pewter Guinness extra stout emblem.
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Guinness Pint Tankard

Guinness tankard is crafted in the classic black and cream colors and it features the Guinness label.
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Guinness Tankard - Pewter - Toucan

Guinness tankard features a pewter emblem that is enhanced with the iconic Gilroy toucan.
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Guinness Mug

Guinness tankard features the iconic signature and harp.
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Guinness Glass Tankard

Guinness tankard features the Extra Stout label on this hobnail style glass mug.
When it comes to barware, The Irish Gift House has everything from Irish flasks to Celtic goblets. Naturally we have a fine selection of Guinness glasses and barware and a complete assortment of Irish beer glasses. When you are ready to lift a serious pint, we even have a collection of Irish tankards with handles that are crafted in materials that include crystal and pewter, and don't miss the glass Celtic tankards while you are looking around for a grand gift for a beer drinker.

When time is right to sip a measure of the pure, we also have a vast selection of Irish shot glasses that are available as single shots and as boxed sets. As is the case with all our product, we include any available history cards to explain the symbols that are emblazoned on the respective gift.

We also have a substantial selection of both highball and lowball glasses in the Irish whiskey glasses category. You will find a fine assortment that includes vessels that are from Mullingar Pewter and Galway Crystal along with the range of Irish coat of arms barware.

Don't miss our selection of Irish wine glasses that includes the larger goblets; we don't judge, go ahead and use the larger goblet. This stemware, along with many of the selections in the Irish barware category, may be complimented with our selection of Irish decanters that include several decanter sets.