Guinness Golf

Guinness Golf

Guinness golf gifts include club head covers and Guinness golf shirts. A Guinness golf gift is perfect for those who combine their passion for the links along with Ireland’s black gold.

We can't say that our assortment of Guinness golf gifts will shave a stroke or two from your game; but it might. The Irish Gift House is proud to feature this collection of gifts that are an ideal fit for enthusiasts of Guinness and golf.

Guinness Golf Club Head Cover

Guinness golf club cover features an appliquéd pint of your favorite Irish stout along with an embroidered harp. The Irish golf club cover is fashioned in the resonating black, cream, and gold colors of Guinness.
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Guinness Polo Shirt

Guinness polo shirt is a classic black design that features cream accenting along with the embroidered Guinness name and signature.
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Guinness Polo Shirt - Green

Guinness polo shirt is a green design that features white accenting along with the embroidered Guinness harp logo, all with moisture wicking fabric.
Retired - sold out.

Guinness Golf Towel - Pint

Guinness golf towel features an embroidered pint design that includes the iconic Arthur Guinness signature along with a gold harp.
Retired - sold out.

Guinness Golf Towel - Embroidered

Guinness golf towel features a black cotton design that is enhanced with the famous Arthur Guinness embroidered signature along with the harp logo.
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Guinness Golf Towel

Guinness golf towel features embroidered elements that include the famous Guinness signature along with a gold harp logo.
Retired - Sold Out.

Guinness Golf Gift Set

Guinness golf set features classic designs with branding of your favorite Irish stout; it is the perfect gift for any fan of Guinness and golf.