Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace - 46257

Claddagh necklace features sterling silver construction that is enhanced with an emerald green glass heart along with embossed elements.
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Retired - sold out.

Claddagh Necklace - Sterling Silver - 46441

Claddagh pendant is a sterling silver design that features a 10K gold heart along with an embossed border that is enhanced with 4 accent diamonds.
Retired - sold out.

Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace - 45343

Sterling silver Celtic Claddagh necklace features a 10K gold accented Trinity knot along with a diamond heart and a gold crown.
Retired - Sold out.

Claddagh Necklet - Sterling Silver - Celtic

Claddagh necklace is cast in sterling silver and features interlaced Celtic knot-work along with glass stones and embossed detailing.
Sorry, Retired - sold out.

Silver Claddagh Necklace - Connemara Marble - 4555

Claddagh necklace is cast in sterling silver and features a dome of Connemara marble in the heart along with embossed elements on the crown, hands, and cuffs.
Retired - Sold Out.

Celtic Claddagh Necklace - Silver - 4197

Claddagh necklace is a sterling silver design that features embossed detailing along with an interlaced Celtic Trinity knot extending from the cuffs.