Irish Oven Gloves

Irish Oven Gloves

Irish oven gloves are offered with shamrocks along with blessings and the Claddagh.
These shamrock oven gloves are ideal for the kitchen and for the grill. The Irish Gift House features a selection of Irish oven gloves that are enhanced with iconic symbols along with blessings.

Shamrock Oven Glove - Towel - Pot Holder

Irish kitchen set includes a shamrock oven glove along with a pot holder and towel.
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Irish Oven Glove Set - Pot Holder - Towel

Irish kitchen set includes a shamrock enhanced oven glove along with a towel and pot holder.
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Guinness Oven Glove

The Guinness oven glove is perfect for either the kitchen or grill.

Irish Oven Glove - Shamrocks - Blessing

Irish oven glove includes shamrocks and features an Irish blessing.
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Irish Oven Glove - Claddagh - Blessing

Irish oven glove features an Irish blessing and includes the Claddagh along with Celtic knot-work and a shamrock.
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Complement your selection with an Irish apron and then add a shamrock table runner along with shamrock placemats to make your kitchen festive.

The Irish Gift House also offers a huge collection of Irish coffee mugs and Irish dinnerware so that you may express your heritage supremely at your next dinner party.