Shamrock Piggy Banks

Shamrock Piggy Banks

Irish piggy banks are covered with shamrocks and are a fun way to teach a child about saving. We also have several shamrock banks that are not piggy banks, but the pigs' barnyard cousins, the lamb and the cow.

Irish Piggy Bank - Belleek

Belleek piggy bank features hand painted green shamrocks along with pink accented facial features.
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Irish Teddy Bear Bank with Shamrocks

This bone china Irish piggy bank is in the shape of a Teddy bear that features the trellis shamrock design.
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Lamb Bank with Shamrock: Irish Gifts

Irish Gifts Lamb Bank with a Shamrock Tail

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Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Irish Gifts

This Irish piggy bank features pink accents and green shamrocks.
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Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Bobblehead

Irish Gifts Bobble-head Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks

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Lucky Shamrock Money Bank: Irish Gifts

Irish Gifts Irish Luck Ceramic Money Bank with Shamrocks

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Irish Baby Shoe Bank: 'Tis Himself - Shamrocks

Irish Gifts tis himself Baby Boy Shoe Bank with Shamrocks.

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Irish Baby Shoe Bank: 'Tis Herself - Shamrocks

Irish Gifts tis herself Baby Girl Shoe Bank with Shamrocks.

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Irish Cow Bank with Shamrocks

Irish Gifts Ceramic Irish Shamrock Cow Bank

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