Irish Blessing Pillows

Irish Blessing Pillows

Irish blessing pillows are some of our most popular Irish blessing gifts. A blessing pillow will be a stylish Irish accent on your couch or favorite chair.

An Irish pillow will accent a new look, either seasonally or throughout the year. You may wish to send an Irish blessing pillow as a gift to a friend or loved one or you might just want to get one for yourself.

Irish Blessing Pillow - Good Luck

Irish pillow features a good luck blessing along with shamrocks.
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Irish Blessing Pillow - Fluent Blarney

Irish pillow features a blessing along with shamrocks.

Irish Blessing Pillow - Friend

Irish pillow features a blessing along with Celtic knot-work and four leaf clovers.
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Irish Pillow - twisgp

Irish pillow features a witticism along with shamrocks.
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An Irish Blessing Blanket will make an ideal pillow complement. Not only will one keep you warm, but it will display beautifully on your couch or chair.

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The Irish Gift House is also pleased to direct you toward our collection of Irish Blessing Plates. These gifts will look ideal when shown on the wall, or with a stand, they may be displayed on a shelf or table.