Irish Harp Jewelry

Irish Harp Jewelry

Irish harp jewelry is crafted as gold, sterling silver or plated designs. Select from harp necklaces and earrings along with Irish harp charms and brooches.

Most of our harp jewelry incorporates Celtic knots into the designs and some of this Irish jewelry includes Connemara marble. The harp is an Irish national emblem and it appears on Irish coins and all official documents.

The Irish harp has many distinguishing features such as the sounding box is carved from a single block of willow wood. Additionally an Irish harp has a T-shaped fore-pillar, a heavy neck and thick brass strings. These features combine to give the Irish Harp a unique sound for which it has been famous since medieval times. Irish harpists also had a special playing skill and were much in demand among the ancient kings for entertainment.

The Irish Gift House is proud to feature Irish made harp jewelry that is made by Solvar Jewelry.

Harp jewelry is grouped by design in the above specific categories or you may scroll down to see all our Irish harp jewelry in one place.

This assortment of Irish harp jewelry is just one of the many collections of Irish jewelry that we offer at The Irish Gift House. If you enjoyed browsing through this section you may also like to see our St. Brigid's crosses that we offer as necklaces and charms. Another category that is strictly Irish jewelry, and not Celtic jewelry, is the History of Ireland collection that is made by Solvar; these pieces feature icons that respectively represent an era of Ireland's past.

For the sake of comparison it was the Celts that believed that trees held mystical powers and that they are the foundation of life, so our Tree of Life jewelry, that includes necklaces and earrings, is categorized as Celtic jewelry.  
The Celtic Cross falls in between the Irish and the Celtic, some may say that it is both. Certainly there is early evidence of their existence in every Celtic nation but according to popular legend it was during the 8th century that St. Patrick who first introduced the Celtic version of the Christian cross to the then pagan Irish. Anyway, we have so many items in this section of our site, such as the silver Celtic cross necklaces and the men's Celtic cross necklaces, that we created a separate category where you will also find Celtic wall crosses and their common Irish cousins, the standing Celtic crosses.