Large, 10" x 14"

Irish Welcome Plaque - Claddagh

Irish plaque features a wooden design that is enhanced with a welcome blessing along with a dimensional Claddagh icon and interlaced Celtic knot-work.
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Only 2 Left.

Irish Home Blessing Plaque - Failte

Irish home blessing plaque features an embossed wooden frame and is enhanced with a shamrock and floral motif along with the Gaelic greeting Fáilte.
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Large, 12" x 15"

Irish Blessing Plaque - Wood - d3364

Irish plaque features a distressed wooden design with the quintessential Irish blessing along with interwoven Celtic knot-work.
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15" Tall

Irish House Blessing Plaque - Celtic Cross

Irish home blessing features a framed wooden plaque with that is enhanced with a layered Celtic cross.
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Slainte Irish Blessing Plaque - Kells

Sláinte blessing plaque is enhanced with an interlaced Celtic zoomorphic motif from the Irish Book of Kells manuscript.
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Irish Suncatcher - Blessing - Celtic Stained Glass - 7220

Celtic stained-glass suncatcher features an Irish blessing along with with interlaced knot-work that includes a classic Trinity knot in each corner.
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6 1/2" Diameter.

Slainte Suncatcher - Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic stained-glass suncatcher features the Gaelic toast sláinte along with an interlaced knot-work motif.
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6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Failte Suncatcher - Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic stained-glass suncatcher features the Gaelic word Fáilte, the Irish welcome, along with shamrocks.
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6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Irish Blessing Suncatcher - Stained Glass - 7219

Celtic stained-glass sun catcher features the Irish blessing in the center along with an interlaced knot-work border.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Lucky - Wood Sign

Irish pub sign features a shamrock along with a blessing that is hand painted on distressed wood. The lucky Irish plaque is enhanced with a wooden frame.

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Irish Blessing Wall Plaque - Celtic Knot-work

Irish plaque features a traditional blessing that is enhanced with interlaced Celtic knot-work with embossed detailing.
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2 Feet Long! - 1 left.

Céad Mile Fáilte Sign - Wood

Irish welcome sign features the Gaelic greeting of Céad Mile Fáilte painted on pressed wood that is enhanced with interlaced Celtic knot work in each corner.
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4" x 8"

Irish Blessing Suncatcher - Stained Glass

Irish sun catcher features a stained-glass design that enhanced with an Irish blessing along with green shamrocks and interwoven Celtic knot-work.
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Irish Welcome Wreath - Stained Glass - 50087

Irish blessing plaque is in the form of a stained-glass wreath that is enhanced with green shamrocks along with a dangling welcome plaque.
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Pog Mo Thoin Plaque - Brass - Door Plate

Póg Mo Thóin wall plaque is made of solid brass and would make a great Irish pub sign or door plate.
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18" x 5"

Irish Blessing Plaque - Erin Go Bragh - Pub Sign

Irish pub sign features hand painted words on a distressed wooden plaque.
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18" x 5"

Irish Home Blessing Plaque - Wood Sign

Irish house blessing sign features a distressed hand painted message on a wooden plaque.
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Celtic Wall Cross - Irish Blessing - Slate

Irish blessing plaque features a Celtic cross that is enhanced with the Claddagh, etched on natural slate.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Father

Irish blessing plaque features God Loves Irish Fathers and is enhanced with interwoven Celtic knot-work.
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Irish Toast Plaque - Pub Sign - Drinking

Irish blessing plaque features a drinking toast for friends and it includes an interwoven Celtic knot-work border with embossed detailing.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Irish Pub Sign - Toast

Irish pub sign features an Irish blessing that is enhanced with embossed elements that include interwoven Celtic knot-work. The Irish blessing plaque is a ceramic design that is ready to hang on your wall.
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Irish Home Blessing Plaque - Embroidered

Irish home plaque features an embroidered blessing that showcases interwoven Celtic knot-work on all four sides of the message.
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Cead Mile Failte Sign - Plaque - Wall

Irish welcome wall plaque features an embroidered motif that includes the Céad Mile Fáilte greeting along with interwoven Celtic knot-work and a shamrock in the center.
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Irish Home Blessing Plaque - Slate

Irish plaque features a home blessing that is etched on an oval slate design that is enhanced with a textured surface along with a shamrock border.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Wish - Slate

Irish blessing features an Irish wish that is etched on slate plaque that is enhanced with an interwoven Celtic knot-work border along with a textured surface.
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