Irish Angels

Irish Angels

Irish angels include figurines, tree toppers, and Christmas ornaments along with a beautiful Celtic angel throw blanket. You could be an Irish guardian angel and give someone one of these inspirational Irish gifts.

An Irish angel will make a fine gift to someone who may need a little pick me up and may also a suitable gift for someone who has suffered a recent loss.

The Irish Gift House offers Irish angels and Celtic angels for both indoor and outdoor use, including several that are suitable for the garden. Additionally, you will find several that are enhanced with Irish blessings along with those that feature shamrocks or interlaced Celtic knot-work wings.

You may also be pleased to find Irish angel wind chimes along with illuminated designs which include night lights and Christmas ornaments.

The Irish Gift House is delighted to offer this assortment of Celtic angels that will bring a smile to the face of any enthusiast of Irish gifts.
19" Tall

Irish Angel Garden Statue - Wind Chime

Irish angel statue is a large design for your garden that features a harp with metal wind chimes and embossed detailing along with embossed shamrocks on the pedestal.
14.5" Tall

Irish Blessing Angel - Garden Statue

Irish angel garden statue features an Irish home blessing and is enhanced with shamrocks along with embossed Celtic knot-work wings.
16" Tall - Illuminated!

Irish Angel Tree Topper - Clovers

Irish Angel Tree Topper is a tall design that features illumination along with real feather wings and a flowing gown with four-leaf clovers.
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12.5" Tall - Illuminated!

Irish Angel Tree Topper

Irish tree topper features an illuminated angel that is enhanced with shamrocks galore along with porcelain features and real feather wings.
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14" Tall!

Irish Angel Garden Statue - Blessing - Memorial

Irish memorial garden statue features an angel and cross along with an embossed blessing and scattered green shamrocks.
Made in the USA!

Celtic Angel Blanket

Irish throw blanket features an angel who is holding shamrocks in her hands and is further enhanced with Celtic knot-work wings along with an interlaced knot-work border.
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12.25" Tall.

Irish Garden Angel

Irish garden angel is knelt in prayer and features a shamrock laurel in her hair along with interlaced Celtic knot-work embossed on her gown and jacket.
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11.5" Tall.

Irish Angel - Bereavement Stone

Irish angel for the garden features interwoven Celtic knot-work wings along with a bereavement blessing and embossed Celtic knot-work on the stone.
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10" Tall - only 1 left.

Irish Angel Garden Stone - Celtic

Celtic angel statue features an Irish garden stone that is enhanced with an Irish blessing along with embossed shamrocks and interlaced knot-work accenting.
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14" Tall

Irish Angel Garden Statue - boe554

Irish garden angel features a cement statue that is enhanced with a bouquet of shamrocks along with green glass accented wings and gown.
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Irish Angel Night Light

Irish night light features a ceramic Angel that is enhanced with pierced shamrocks and interwoven Celtic knot-work wings.
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9" x 8.5"

Irish Angel Garden Stone - Blessing - Shamrocks

Irish garden stone features a blessing along with a dimensional angel that is enhanced with embossed detailing along green shamrocks and a dove.
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Belleek Angel - Protection

Belleek Angel of Protection figurine is holding a green shamrock and is enhanced with embossed details; she would make an ideal Irish baby gift.
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Irish Angel - Blessing - Claddagh

Irish angel figurine is holding an embossed Claddagh emblem and is enhanced with an Irish blessing along with shamrocks and Celtic knot-work.
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Set of 4!

Irish Angel Ornaments

Irish angel Christmas ornaments are posed in whimsical positions and features white porcelain construction that is enhanced with green shamrocks.
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Back in 2022?

Celtic Angel - Daisies

Irish angel features a bouquet of daisies in her hands and is enhanced with embossed detailing that includes shamrocks along with a Celtic cross and interlaced knot-work.

Irish Angel Figurine - Claddagh

Irish angel is a porcelain figurine that is holding an embossed Claddagh icon and is enhanced with shamrocks on the trim of her gown.
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Irish Blessing Angel - Shamrocks

Irish angel figurine features a shamrock in her hands along with additional shamrocks and an Irish blessing on her gown.
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Irish Angel - Figurine - Blessing - Quilt

Irish angel features embossed detailing that includes shamrock wings along with a basket of shamrocks and a basket of potatoes at her feet. The shamrock angel is further enhanced with a free standing quilt and a printed blessing.
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Illuminated Set of 4!

Irish Angel Ornament Set - LED - Mini

Irish Christmas ornaments feature a set of four illuminated glass angels that are each holding a green shamrock.

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Irish Angel Night Light - Stained Glass

Irish night light features a stained-glass Irish angel that is enhanced with textured wings along with a dangling shamrock charm.
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Only 1 left.

Irish Angel Figurine

Irish angel is a porcelain figurine that is holding a Celtic cross and is enhanced with green shamrocks in her hair along with scattered shamrocks on the base.
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Hang or Stand.

Irish Blessing Plaque - Angel - Home

Irish plaque features a home blessing that is enhanced with an embossed Celtic angel with interlaced knot-work wings; it would look great by your front door.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Angel

Irish angel Christmas ornament features a porcelain design that is enhanced with green shamrocks on her gown and a dove in her hands.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Guardian Angel - Blessing

Irish Christmas ornament features a porcelain guardian angel that is enhanced with shamrocks and embossed roses along with a blessing on the rear side.
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