Irish Patches

Irish Patches

Irish patches includes flags and shamrocks. These Irish clothing patches are fantastic for mending a hole or for showing your love of Ireland.
These Irish patches are easy to apply to your clothing or backpack and they feature colorful embroidered designs.

Additionally, The Irish Gift House features the latest shamrock patch from the Arizona Law Enforcement Emerald Society (ALEES) with 100% of the proceeds benefiting their benevolent work that includes assisting the families of fallen officers.

Shamrock Patch, Arizona Law Enforcement Emerald Society

This Irish patch features the shamrock along with an Arizona flag motif and it is the patch of the Arizona Law Enforcement Emerald Society.

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Irish Flag Patch

This iron-on Irish flag patch features the tricolor design.

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Irish Flag Patch, Erin Go Bragh

This Irish patch features the Erin Go Bragh Irish flag.

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Irish Patch, Shamrock

This Irish patch features the shamrock, the most recognized emblem of Ireland.
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Shamrock Patch

This embroidered Irish patch is in the shape of a shamrock.
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Irish Patch with the Provinces of Ireland

This Irish patch features a shield with the four provinces of Ireland.
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Irish Flag Patch with Shamrock

This shield shape Irish patch features the Irish flag with a shamrock and Ireland.
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Irish Patch with Crossed Flags

This embroidered Irish patch features crossed Irish and American flags.

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These patches are just one of the many Irish clothing accessories that are available at The Irish Gift House. Additional choices include the shamrock ties and the Irish slippers along with the shamrock socks and the shamrock bandanas.

You may also wish to visit our St. Patrick's Day clothing section for more ideas that are a little on the zany side but are so much fun.