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Irish Coat of Arms Shield - Special

Irish Coat of Arms
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Coat of arms shield features an Irish family name. The Irish coat of arms wall plaque is hand painted on copper, then attached to the wooden plate.

This selection of Irish coat of arms shields is limited to the names listed in the drop-down menu. These shields are from our early days of brick and mortar retail trade when we didn't require pre-payment on special order items; subsequently this group were never picked up. Please note that the shields are in pristine condition; however their respective gift boxes look worn and discolored. That is good news for you for they are 40% off while the limited stock lasts.

This Irish coat of arms is hand painted on copper then attached to a mahogany wood shield. The colorful Irish coat of arms shield includes the family name along with the family crest and motto, when available (not all families have recorded crests and/or mottos). The Irish family shield measures 5 1/2" wide x 8" tall and is gift boxed with the blazon of arms that provides the heraldic details.