Irish Flags

Irish Flags

Irish flags are green, white, and orange, and are widely known as the tricolor. Select an Irish flag for your home or choose from our many Irish flag gifts that include decals and patches.

Most of our Irish flags are heavy duty designs that are offered as either a banner style or with grommets. Additionally, you may order a personalized Irish flag that has your family coat of arms printed in the white field. These designs would look regal hanging from your pole.

The Irish Gift House also offers Irish flag gifts that include lapel pins along with car decals, stickers, and clothing patches.

Flying an Irish flag will demonstrate your proud heritage to all.
Large - 5 x 3

Irish Flag - Coat of Arms

Irish flag features your Irish coat of arms printed in the center white field of the large tricolor design.
3' tall x 5' wide.

Irish Flag - Large - Heavy Duty

Irish flag is a heavy duty design that measures 3' tall x 5' wide; it is the national flag of the Republic of Ireland.
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2 1/2' tall x 4' wide.

Irish Flag - Banner - Heavy Duty

Irish flag is a heavy duty banner style that is designed to slide on to a pole. The Irish banner flag measures 2 1/2' tall x 4' wide.
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2' tall x 3' wide.

Irish Flag - Heavy Duty

Heavy duty Irish flag measures 2' tall x 3' wide and is complete with double stitched borders and metal grommets; it is the national flag of the Republic of Ireland.
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No size XXL.

Irish T-Shirt - Flag

Irish t-shirt features a proudly displayed distressed green, white, and orange, Irish flag, along with the superimposed word Ireland, on the chest.
12" x 18"

Irish Garden Flag - Shamrocks

Irish garden flag features shamrocks along with Luck 'o the Irish. Use the Irish flag to decorate at St. Patrick's Day or to celebrate being Irish at anytime of the year.
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Irish Flag Wind Chime - Mirror Charm

Irish flag wind chime is a mini green, white, and orange design that may hang as a charm from the rear view mirror of your car.
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Irish Flag Magnet - IRL

Irish magnet features an oval shape that is enhanced with IRL along with the colors of the Irish flag. The IRL magnet is suitable for cars and trucks along with most flat metal surfaces.
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60 in a package.

Irish Flag Stickers

Irish flag stickers are self adhesive decals that feature the green, white, and orange colors of the tircolor.
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Irish Flag Patch

Irish patch is a machine embroidered iron on design that features the colors of tricolor flag and is enhanced with a gold border.

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Irish Flag Patch - Erin Go Bragh

Irish patch features the Erin Go Bragh Irish flag that is enhanced with gold embroidery on a green background.

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Irish Decal - Shamrock - Flag

Irish decal features the Irish flag colors, green, white, and orange, along with a shamrock in the center.
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Irish Flag Decal

Irish decal features the green, white and orange tricolor flag. The Irish flag sticker is a waterproof design that is printed with ultra-violet blocking inks.
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Irish Flag Decal - Erin Go Bragh - Fenian

Irish decal features an early version of the Irish flag that is called the Erin Go Bragh or Fenian flag. This Irish flag sticker is ideal for your car.
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Irish Decal - IRL - Oval - Metallic

Irish decal is a metallic oval design that features IRL along with the Irish flag colors along with an insert shield with Ireland's four provinces.
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Crossed American and Irish Flags Decal

Irish decal is an Euro style oval design that features crossed US and Irish flags that is enhanced with the colors of the respective nations.
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Irish Decal - EIRE - Flag - Erin Go Bragh

Irish flag decal features EIRE and Erin Go Bragh along with a harp in the center of the green, white, and orange flag.
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Irish Decal - IRL - Flag

Irish decal is an oval design that features IRL along with the Irish flag and ERIE, all surrounded with a black border.
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Irish Flag Patch - Shamrock

Irish patch is an embroidered shield shaped design that features the Irish flag along with a green shamrock and the word IRELAND.
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Irish Patch - Crossed Flags

Irish patch features crossed Irish and American flags that are embroidered in the colors of the respective nations.

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Irish and American Flag Pin - Costume Jewelry

Irish costume jewelry lapel pin features crossed American and Irish flags that are enhanced with enamel accenting in the colors of the respective nations; it would be suitable as an Irish tie pin too.
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Retired Size.

Irish Coat of Arms Flag

Irish flag features your printed Irish coat of arms in the white field of the tricolor design.
Sorry, this size of the Irish coat of arms flag is now retired. Please consider the larger size.
Retired - sold out.

Irish and US Flag Pin - Costume Jewelry

Irish costume jewelry pin features crossed Irish and American flags that are enhanced with the respective national colors.

Irish Flag History:

     From the Irish Constitution: The national flag is the tricolor of green, white and orange. The Irish flag is separated into three equal bands of color and its width is equal to twice its height. The Tricolor is used as the civil and state flag and as the naval ensign.

     The green band represents those of indigenous Irish descent, the orange stripe represents a group which supported William of Orange who are the descendants of 17th-century British colonists, and the white band symbolizes the hope for peace between the two groups.

On March 7, 1848 at a meeting held in Waterford City, Thomas Francis Meagher, a leader of the Young Ireland movement, presented the flag to the public for the first time. A month later at another meeting in Dublin, Meagher made the following speech when he presented the flag: "The white in the center signifies a lasting truce between the Orange and the Green, and I trust that beneath its folds the hands of the Irish Protestant and the Irish Catholic may be clasped in generous and heroic brotherhood."
     A Green Flag was used by the supporters of Meagher's contemporary, Daniel O’Connell, but those in the Young Ireland movement were republicans and required a distinctive standard which would clearly express their republicanism. The design of the new Irish flag was modeled on that of the French Republic. Orange was placed next to the staff  on the original Tricolor but was virtually forgotten after the collapse of the 1848 rebellion. The Irish Volunteers in the Easter rising of 1916 arranged the colors in their modern order with green next to the staff. The republicans won a landslide victory in the general election of 1918 and that made certain that the green, white, and orange tricolor would be the national flag of Ireland.